It wouldn’t take you long to scroll through Facebook or any weight loss/supplement page on the internet to come across an advertisement for some sort of “Keto” or “Fat-based Coffee” recipe. Ever since Dave Aspery trademarked his uber popular “Bulletproof Coffee” recipe and supplements, the world took hold of it and it spread like wildfire.

Yet, the biggest question that I get in regards to trying this type of coffee is “Does it actually work?” And, my most cherished response is, “Well, that depends.”

For the sake of this short e-book, you will get the most need to know information as it pertains to coffee supplements and what adding fat-based products to them could and should do, but you will receive it in sort of a “rapid-fire” fashion. Nonetheless, the information has proven to be sufficient for hundreds of my other coaching clients in regards to getting them up and going and having the scale and mirror reflect their progress. The purpose of this ebook is to cut through all of the existing crap on the internet and just bring you the best and most trustworthy brands out there. That way, you aren’t spending hours googling the sketchy supplement forums. Trust me, I have been there and I won’t go back. What you will find in the upcoming pages is the culmination of the past 5 years of my experience in regards to “fat-based coffee” becoming a thing. These supplement folks herein have done it right! I have no current affiliation with any of these brands. They are simply the ones that I use and trust because they know what the hell they are doing when it comes to keeping quality on the forefront. 

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