Rules for Becoming Fat, Sick, & Stressed

By: Tyler LaFleur (

Here, in America, our health system is seriously failing. And while it may be easy enough to place blame on the system itself, it simply isn’t the system’s problem to own. Even those Americans that choose to tackle their health troubles, head-on, fail miserably. We have become an extremely talented group in regards to destroying our health. Where did we learn how to do this so well? 

Since the market isn’t in need of another book instructing the reader on how to become healthy, perhaps adding one on how to destroy health, intentionally, could assist some along their journey. Perhaps approaching health from the ironic perspective of enhancing illness could change the way you think about health and all that it requires in order to achieve it.

What you will find, inside these pages, is a direct reflection of anyone near and dear to you who has failed in acquiring or maintaining their health. Avoid the pitfalls and potholes, herein, and maybe, just maybe, you can increase your luck in your future health efforts. But, in the case, that you need a little extra assistance in regards to improving your overall approach to a healthier lifestyle, we have provided a few helpful suggestions in the appendix.