Beginner’s Guide to Veggie Prep

3 Steps To Prepping (And Loving) Your Vegetables

While reading through my morning emails and articles this week, I came across the following guide created by Precision Nutrition. (Click Here to View) Precision is a nutrition company that provides coaching for clients on establishing healthy eating habits, no matter the stage of eating or education the client currently finds themselves.

So, why would I choose to create a short newsletter about such a simple topic of vegetables AND use someone else’s infographic to do it? Simple. Because I am not here to recreate the wheel when it comes to health. I have no recipes, formulas, secrets, supplements, potions, or lotions of my own. My role is to peruse the vastness of the internet witchery to extrapolate the few avenues that actually do produce results and provide the necessary info, ask the best questions at the right times, and move you where it is that you intend to go along your health journey.

Speaking of journey, besides being a small town girl living in a lonely world, the biggest roadblock that I see, day in and day out, with clients is the issue of not consuming enough vegetables. But, don’t you stop believin’…… (okay I’m done, I promise.)

So, what’s the problem? I see more people focus on avoiding carbs or sugar while paying no attention to how many vegetables they consume on a daily basis. And that can be an effective weight loss strategy, for most, in the interim, but my intention with clients isn’t to put them through an expeditious, Richard Simmons-enthused “Weight-Watcher-esque” crash course. The goal is to establish the necessary health habits for them to stay the course for the rest of their lives. What’s the best way to do that? Learn to love vegetables!

“But, I have never liked vegetables.” – Do we only partake in the things that we love? We all love a good root canal, don’t we?

“My kids and family don’t really like veggies.” – Oh?! And I assume they heel click out of bed in the morning to run, anxiously, to school?

“I just don’t know how to prepare vegetables.” – Ah, there’s that semi-acceptable excuse we have been waiting for….

Have no fear! Veggie prep isn’t rocket science. Anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it…. (Come on, you knew better).

“Alright, Punny guy, get to the point!”  

So, take a look here and try some new ways of preparing the vegetables for you and your family. I am willing to bet you haven’t tried a few of these methods or combinations in order to make even the most bitter vegetables, palatable. Note, also, that a few of the condiments may not seem “Fleurish approved”, but follow the instructions herein. It doesn’t take a gallon of honey or maple syrup to extinguish the slight bitterness of a bell pepper. Heck, before you know it, you’ll sautéing like a boss, flaming up the skillet, and filling the kitchen with the smell of wine and cheapppp perfume…

3 Steps To Prepping (And Loving) Your Vegetables



3 Steps To Prepping (And Loving) Your Vegetables