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5 Things Middle-Aged Men Need To Know About Their Health


As middle age men we all need to be concerned with our health. Here are just a few things you need to know get on the right track. 

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Accountability: The Core Concepts Preventing You From Defaulting Yourself


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Death To Dad Bod: 10 Steps To Getting Over The Hill, Sexier!

If you are reading this, then I probably do not need to explain to you what "dad bod" is. We don't choose to acquire one (at least not directly) but.

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The Top 4 Reasons That Most People Think Health Coaching Just Won't Work For Them.

It's not personal. I get it. Some people have certain perceptions and preconceived notions in regards to what HPHI is all about or just Health Coaching.

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Why Most Practitioners Struggle To Solve Their Patients' Thyroid and Energy Issues...

This just in: Shocking news regarding conventional medicine's ineptitude to solve and aid in most chronic disease. This cycle continues to repeat.

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Still Feel Like You Suck At Creating Better Habits? I Bet You Are Better Than You Think!


I hear this all of the time: "Tyler, health would be so much easier if I just had better habits."

Yet, while I do agree, these types of people miss a.

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Still Confused About If You Should Go "Low Carb" Or Not? It Won't Help You If...


Right around this time, I start to see this one narrative start to play out more than any other point throughout the year:

You have been going "low.

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Why Assessing Cortisol Rhythm Is a Game Changer?

The biggest complaints that we hear from new members is that they "have no energy" and that they "cannot lose body fat."

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Not Quantifying Your Recovery? Here Is Why You Should.

So, I wanted to record this short video today to help illustrate why we have our members and, more specifically, our athletes monitor their sleep and .

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New Research on Fasting, Explained...

There was some research on intermittent fasting recently conducted and published right here in our Louisiana backyard out of Baton Rouge.

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Have Brain Fog? Avoid These Common Pitfalls Before Emptying Your Bank Account On Supplements.


Brain supplements, or (if you are one of the cool kids) Nootropics, are a sexy topic right now. With all the micro-dosing of LSD and Psilocybin.

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What is HPHI? How Do We Improve Your Health?

We get asked a good bit what exactly we do here at HPHI. How are we different? Why are we unique?
And while we may not have done a.
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Improve Your Health By Escaping the Weekend Blackhole of Regression


It continues to be the bane of most people's health and wellness journey. They can get into such a good routine throughout the week, yet come Friday.

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How do I measure my inflammation?

Continuing our "Your Conventional Insurance-Based Lab Work is Garbage" series, today we will be discussing how you can get a glimpse into the level on.

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Sickcare: America's Sneakiest Business Model

There comes a point in time that certain popular phrases just become the norm. We call certain items by name simply because it is what we always called.

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Food Label Lies: Are You Still Believing Them?

When people first aim to start eating healthier, they almost always start with the notion that they need to begin reading the labels and.
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Lasting Health Withers When Planted In Hedonistic Soil




It has always seemed so wrong to me to constantly compare and contrast my wellness mindset with that of the secular framework within the.

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The New Approach to Healthcare: Mirage or Reality?

Have you ever noticed that when you start shopping for a new car and begin to narrow down your search criteria that you start to see the same.
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