Client Finds Relief and Success After Years Of GI Upset and Weight Gain

Tyler Lafleur

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While most clients come to HPHI and Fleurish Health for weight loss, fat loss, or energy troubleshooting, there are some that have been dealing with issues for years that their physicians could not figure out what was wrong.

This client was no exception. Yet, after diving deep into her daily meals, snacks, and symptoms, we finally cracked the code on what the trigger foods were and where her digestion was lacking.

This is her account of her experience and the relief she has finally found!

Why Did You Choose To Work With HPHI?

"I chose to work with Tyler and HPHI because we were already familiar with each other and I understood his knowledge and passion for good health. 

He and his wife were already coaching my daughter whom I watched blossom into the strong, fit woman she has worked so hard to become."

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What were your symptoms prior to starting coaching? 

"I was a hot mess. My gut and intestinal tract were in bad shape.  I was terribly bloated, had constant diarrhea and extreme fatigue with abdominal cramping and pain.

My goal was to figure out the root cause of my symptoms that have caused suffering for so long.  Pretty much all of my life I suffered from varying degrees of these symptoms.  After having children who are now all adults and caring for my beloved late husband I masked the symptoms with meds, but they never went away. 

After my husband passed away,  and my symptoms worsened, it was time to take care of ME. 

I saw my gastro, did colonoscopy and upper endoscopy.  He had no real answers for my symptoms and recommended a "keto" diet.  But since I don't have a gallbladder, I did not tolerate that much fat and could not handle much of any fiber.

That's what led me to Tyler...

Tyler was calm from the get go.  He assured me of his ability to help and guide me through the process.  He was available to me constantly! Not just telling me what to do then me having to navigate it on my own.

He taught me how digestion and my gut actually worked.

He offered great info on supplements and how to introduce "new" foods into my diet. 

I'm now down 20 lbs (and still losing weight) and feel soooo much better."

What would you tell others who are on the fence with starting or engaging?

"If you're on the fence about whether to call Tyler, please, jump off and pick up the phone.
I promise you wont be sorry.  Your health and well being are worth it."

Having Troublesome Stomach Issues Yourself?

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