HighLite Health App Helps Client Get Life Back

Tyler Lafleur

Keisha Testimonial

What happens when you see several doctors and none can "diagnose" your problem?

"Tyler helped me treat my illness simply with diet, supplements, and changing my habits."

Read more to see how Keisha got her energy and her life back!

Healing Through Functional Medicine and Quality Information

After Googling her health issues and symptoms for months, Keisha was just exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Not only could she not train like she wanted to, but she also had to focus to run her successful Lafayette-based therapy practice as well.

After working with her for a few months then having her step out on her own reintroducing foods and ramping up her exercise patterns to what they once were, Functional Medicine and our HighLite maintenance/step-down program gave Keisha her health back.


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Who We Are?

healthCoachHPHI and Fleurish Health offer Functional Medicine along with Health coaching in an effective, symbiotic approach to health. We help clients to visualize the ideal, and figure out how to get there starting with the actualities of the present circumstances. We partner with people for the purpose of transforming their health, their organizations and their life to an outstanding level of performance, while facilitating the learning of the kind of self-mastery, discipline, and thinking that is required to deserve their goals.


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