Solutions To The Most Common Stomach Issues

Tyler Lafleur

Digestive System Solutions

One of the most common issues that we troubleshoot and treat here at our Lafayette Functional Medicine Clinic is that of the stomach and digestive tract. Keep reading to discover what we usually recommend for patients to try prior to resorting to ineffective medication.

A common patient scenario, especially for those battling stomach issues for quite some time, seems to be:

  • You have a doctor tell you that a medication or surgery is the only solution to your stomach woes.
  • In fear, you rush home and start googling endless health solutions and find yourself lost with which solution to try first.
  • You try most of the suggestions, but that doesn't work for you either.
  • In a hopeless fret, you find yourself binge eating your feelings away thus exacerbating your stomach issues even further.

Is there a third option?

What if somehow, there was a way to assess the root cause of your joint pain, digestive pain and woes, and also emergency trips to the restroom?

What if your doctor doesn’t know about it?

And worse, even if they knew these certain solutions and tests existed, they would not know what to do with the results once they did get them back?

You've come to the right place!

Over the past several years, after treating hundreds of patients in our functional medicine clinic here in Lafayette, we have seen some common themes when it comes to stomach troubles, autoimmune disease, and gut dysfunction.

And, usually, once we change up the patient's diet (which depends of course on their symptoms, reactions, and test results if necessary), we usually get them moving in a really good direction, really fast.

Even better news, the simple troubleshooting steps in our ebook, usually remove 75%-100% of the current stomach troubles or autoimmune symptoms.

Covering up stomach issues with the latest TV commercial drugs is setting you up for failure down the road even if the drug works as anticipated (which they rarely do).

And simply listening to your doctor tell you that there is nothing that you can do for your autoimmune conditions or your poor digestion is a hopeless path to remain on.

There are answers out there. Real solutions to very real digestive and Autoimmune conditions.

Give our ebook a read and our suggestions a try and see if you can find relief for yourself or a family member.

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