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Tyler Lafleur

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If you are still trying to find the "perfect diet" that everyone should be eating, you are chasing a unicorn. Yet, even if you are looking for the one diet to fix all of your problems, now and forever, you are still fighting a losing battle.

Is There Such Thing As The Perfect Diet?

The problem with attempting to look for one diet, with one set of rules that will remove all of your aches and pains, solve all of your hormonal issues, and help you shed pounds of fat, is that we are human and our lives and our bodies shift and adapt under any circumstances that we put them under.

To look for and settle on one single way of eating is not only a recipe for failure, but it is the triggering mechanism for loads of disappointment, hopelessness, and depression.

We simply can't eat one way for the rest of our lives and expect to thrive. Too many variables stand in our way.

But, if we learn the pillars of nutrition and begin to understand what certain food does to our bodies, on an individual level, we can start to piece together certain foods, at certain times, in certain amounts that not only help relieve our symptoms, but will help us to thrive as we age and tackle new adversity down the road.

Just Tell Me What Diet To Follow

Here, at HPHI, we don't hand out diets. 

We don't hand out workouts either.

Sure, we have loads of workouts and recipes for our members stored away in our member only portal, HighLite. But the premise of what we help clients learn is the power of documenting, mindfulness, and decision making when it comes to our choices, habits, and consequences in order to achieve what we have set out to accomplish.

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Still, we are asked the question:

"But are there certain foods or certain rules that you guys believe in?"

And the short answer is: YES!

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Below, we have lined out our Top 20 "rules" (if you will) for getting people moving in the right direction and started on the right track when if comes to dietary change.

These rules also serve as a great compass for those that have been under our tutelage for quite some time and need a "true north" of sorts in the form of a reset or check list to get back on track quickly.

See for yourself!

How many of the following diet "rules" are you currently adhering to? 

If you aren't following many or any at all, start with a few that you can check off of the list, today!

If you are following most of them but still not reaching your goals or moving forward progressively, then contact us see how we can help!

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