Why Assessing Cortisol Rhythm Is a Game Changer?

Tyler Lafleur

The biggest complaints that we hear from new members is that they "have no energy" and that they "cannot lose body fat."



What we describe in this video is one of the biggest culprits behind the "why" this occurs.

But if you ask your doctor to run just a simple serum cortisol level, you could miss the most important aspect of assessing cortisol and that is the "rhythm".

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You see, cortisol should start off elevated in the morning and reach its lowest point when it is time to go to sleep. If that rhythm gets thrown off, you could be struggling to get out of bed and desperate to fall asleep at night.

The worst part? This almost always leads to decreased sex hormone production. And while counting calories is popular, hormones are the undisputed king.

Watch the video to see how this narrative usually plays out.

If you are still struggling with these same symptoms, click below for a free consult to discuss how assessing yours could help get your energy back up and the scale back down.

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