Why Most Practitioners Struggle To Solve Their Patients' Thyroid and Energy Issues...

Tyler Lafleur

This just in: Shocking news regarding conventional medicine's ineptitude to solve and aid in most chronic disease. This cycle continues to repeat itself and when talking about Thyroid issues, it is surely no different.




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Most patients that are either currently taking Thyroid medication or have been told by their doctor that they probably should start taking it, rarely ever understand why they are having the symptoms and problems that they are currently experiencing.

And, more often than not, neither does their doctor.

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Because, you see, it's tricky. As depicted in the video above, if you are currently producing TPO Antibodies and TG Antibodies, you are currently encouraging a war within your own body that is taking your Thyroid health as a civilian casualty.

And depending on when your physician tests your Thyroid markers, since most don't test Thyroid antibodies due to lack of insurance coverage, you could be literally all over the map with your Thyroid levels.

If they test you during a current autoimmune attack, your levels could be elevated, thus triggering your doctor to lower your medication. This often leads to feeling awfully sluggish the following week once your antibody levels decrease a bit and your natural Thyroid production slows back down as well. Now that they have decreased your dose due to the timing of the tests, you are now stuck dragging around until your next appointment.

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Do I Actually Have A Thyroid Problem?

Or, say they test you during one of the dips, in regards to your thyroid hormone production, and decide to up your dose. Then you enjoy just a bit of birthday cake and ice cream at your child's party and the following week your antibodies elevate through the roof, thus sending your Thyroid markers sky high during the attack on the Thyroid tissue. Now you are stuck taking your increased medication dose and your own natural Thyroid hormones are releasing into your blood stream. This results in you feeling manic, irritable, and restless as you struggle to sleep a wink all week.

Anyone reading this right now that has experienced this Thyroid roller coaster is now pointing at their phone or computer screen like:




So, the moral of the story?

Until you stop the production of the TPO and TG Antibodies, you will continue to not only experience these hormone roller coaster episodes, but you will continue to inflict damage on the actual Thyroid gland itself. This is referred to as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

Sadly, most autoimmune issues, not just Hashimoto's stem from leaky gut or intestinal permeability. The more that unwanted proteins seep into your bloodstream and your body continues to fight them off, the more innocent civilian casualties will die in the process. These casualties mainly being your joints, your skin, your brain, and heart/arteries.

Stop riding the roller coaster and get the proper testing done if you are having these debilitating symptoms. Find the root cause, change your approach and experience the relief and energy that you have been seeking.

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