Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to develop an individualized, functional health plan focused on prevention that includes proactive strategies supported to help them achieve and maintain optimal health. Most people suffer from at least one specific health barrier. Most range from fat loss plateaus to specific ailments that they have yet to find a solution. Either way, we focus on the process of "Root Cause Resolution" to determine the culprit, eliminate it, and support the body in the healing process. Asking ourselves the right health questions is the only way to find our true barriers to achieving the wellness goals that we have set for ourselves. Our goal at HPHI is to assist our clients in taking the next step.

We provide the highest quality care and services respecting the biochemical individuality of each client to maximize health outcomes. We will deliver caring, respectful, and evidence based suggestions to assist our clients building their own unique health plan. HPHI treats all members as unique individuals with varying needs and concerns. We focus on the overall health, wellness, and emotional well-being of the person.


There are many organizations we can mention here.  Uber did not disrupt by working within the system, conventionally.  It thought unconventionally, and disrupted multiple industries by working outside of it with a clean sheet of paper.

We do not aim to be disruptive for disruption’s sake.  But to have people own their own problems and choices and be accountable to themselves and their own health, well-being and performance.

“The only measure of performance is performance.” — Dr. Lee Thayer


Are we proposing disruption and change for the trendy, fashionable…OR… For changing the trajectory of your life, your performance and your intended outcomes!

The original American Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security systems were designed and built as a safety net for those that could not help themselves. It has now turned into an entitlement where the base has broadened to upwards of 50% or more of our society and expanded, where no one has to be accountable to and for themselves. Everyone else has to pay for poor choices.  There are fewer and fewer consequences for these poor choices.


Sometimes you cannot work within an existing system or fix the existing system, i.e. Healthcare.  Sometimes it's better to create a whole new system from scratch – start with a white sheet of paper. For example, HPHI’s healthcare model is about the intended outcome, not the perception of fairness. How many of us would choose to live in a socialistic society? So why would you work within the current healthcare system or participate that way?

HPHI has established an offering where you choose your intended outcomes and own your own performance.  We are merely, an advocate  for getting you where you need to be!

Health Perversity