Valentine's Day Is Coming Up... Don't Default To Roses Again This Year!

Tyler Lafleur

Give Her Something She Will Actually Appreciate!


By now, I am sure you are sick of hearing about "New Year, New Me". 

So, how about switching gears and stop thinking about YOU for a minute.

That's right! I am talking directly to the men out there.

Listen up, gents! 

Let's take the spot light off of the 15 lbs you gained over the holidays because let's face it, for us men, if we actually pay attention and give just 50% of an effort, we can lose that in like 3-5 days.

Besides, your wife or girlfriend honestly don't care. They may have gained weight themselves and to hear you talk about how crappy you feel after eating three full size turkeys and eight slices of pecan pie, while your poor wife simply smelled the casserole and jumped two dress sizes, isn't going to get you very far in the relationship... nor the bedroom for that matter.

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Yet, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, you actually have a chance to redeem yourself from the Christmas Eve shopping you slaved over just to scrap together her last minute "thoughtful" Christmas gift.

So, what do women really want?


If you are even thinking about flowers, a card, or God forbid a gym membership or health coaching, let me salvage your relationship for you...


Women don't want to spend any more time or take on anymore responsibility with their gift.

No flowers...and for heaven's sake, no cleaning supplies or vacuums.

Women want to sit in silence, get pampered, and come out on the other side:

  • Less Stressed
  • More Calm
  • More Beautiful
  • And, most importantly, less exhausted.

So, what's a husband, as selfless, understanding, and conscientious of his wife's needs as you are, supposed to do?

Pay close attention:

  1. Cook dinner a few nights per week.
  2. Leave her little notes and messages around the house or randomly throughout the day. And, most importantly, 
  3. Send her to the spa and have her choose her services and pampering for herself.

She doesn't want flowers that she has to water...

To be taken out to dinner at the same restaurants you always take her...

Or to eat breakfast in bed, thus taking up more of her time to rush out of the house in the morning.

(Actually, give her flowers too... that'll get you a smile.)

She wants:

So, you might be wondering: "Why do you care about our gift ideas during the busiest time of year for anyone in the Health and Wellness or Functional Medicine business?"

And, of course, that is a great question. And it comes with a very simple answer.

If my male clients aren't taking care of their female wives, my job becomes much harder.

With no one to watch your kids while you exercise...

Cook your meals, thus keeping you from the drive-thru...

Or listen to you complain about your first world problems...

I have to step in and figure out how to fill in all those gaps.

So, in summary:

1. Buy wife a gift card to the spa.

2. Listen to her when she speaks to you.

3. Think of what's best for the relationship and not just for you.

And, don't second guess yourself.

You can contact me directly if she hates the notion of you sending her off to be alone to be pampered and feel better about herself while you cook dinner and bathe the kids...

I'll be waiting.

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