What You Need to Know About New Year Resolutions

Tyler Lafleur
What You Need to Know About New Year Resolutions

It is usually around this time of year that people start to reflect on last year’s New Year Resolution:

“Why can’t I ever seem to achieve my weight loss or health goal?”


“Why do I always seem to default myself in regards to the new health commitments that I make each year?”

And while I wish there were a comforting answer to these difficult and unpleasant questions, sadly, there isn’t.

The truth is, people are discouraged. The past ten years worth of failed health attempts have left their victims overwhelmed, overburdened, and suppressed by a gloomy feeling of being unsupported.Healthy Holiday Recipes

Yet, while the answers may seem to always slip beyond your grasp, if you take the time to really assess the actions of the healthy people around you, you will see that there is much more to their story beyond the "lean meat and vegetables."

Looking deeper into what these people are doing, it would seem that they harness mystical, super-human willpower.

Some sort of deep inner drive that allows them to overcome the tremendous escape velocity of the status quo.

You know the type of force we are talking about here. The one that seems to glue your butt to the couch when you really want to go outside for some exercise.

The same one that magically adds 3 tons worth of weight to your head as it rests on the pillow each morning, thus causing you to submit to your snooze button, once again.

The one that powers the heat-seeking capability of the spoonful of BlueBell Homemade Vanilla as it makes a direct hit inside your mouth…every…single…time.

How is it that some people overcome such tremendous obstacles on their journey to health, while others seem to default with just the slightest resistance?

It is because those that are successful and healthy know that their results depend on a habitual process, not some shallow, vain “New Year, New Me” pipe dream.

The key is in the process.

Healthy people are obsessed with it.

HPHI How to drink and thrive?



They don’t know what awaits them at this weekend’s Christmas party, but their process allows for them to prepare beforehand. (How to Drink and Thrive)

They sometimes have no clue if life will throw them a curveball and prevent them from getting to the gym, but their process allows them to tweak their carb and fat consumption in order to accommodate.

Do they know if their kids will be sick in the middle of the night?

Ha! Hardly!

Yet, they have stellar bedtime routines and pre-sleep rituals that allow for them to fall soundly asleep at the same time each night.

Can they predict when with deadly accuracy the governor's choice of COVID Lockdown Phases? 

Not exactly.

But, their ingrained process allows them to knock out a quick five minutes of burpees and pushups, followed by a cold shower, topped off with a green smoothie once the shivering has subsided.

The plan was to go to Red Lerille’s and knock out a good back workout followed up with a few intervals on the Concept2 rowing machine, but the process allowed for them to still have a successful health day, in spite of outside, unforeseen circumstances.

At HPHI, we like to tell our members and clients that we can absolutely solve your difficult health riddles and assist in achieving even the loftiest of health goals, but it is completely up to you whether you maintain them or not.

Back To The Basics

One of the most important and enlightening things I’ve learned after a decade of coaching clients and treating patients is this: 

Focusing, Implementing, and Returning to the BASICS is always the most important habit when looking to change or improve your health!

This is true regardless of whether we’re talking about:

  • reversing chronic disease and inflammation
  • addressing depression and anxiety
  • losing 10 lbs
  • or reducing the risk of severe COVID-19 infection. 

The basics are:

  • Nutrition (what you eat and drink)
  • Sleep (how you recover and relax)
  • Stress management (Seriously... Relax!)
  • Physical activity (How, when, what type of exercise you do)
  • Environment (water/air quality, toxins, etc.)
  • Social connection (talk to people!)
  • Getting outside/nature
  • Fun/pleasure

There is one thing that is blatantly obvious about the basics, though:

They aren’t sexy... or glamorous.

Or hi-tech.

They aren’t quick fixes or “hacks.”

You won’t get a prescription for them from your doctor, and you can’t buy them on Amazon or from any MLM. 

The basics are up to you.

Your choices... Your focus... Your intentions!

They take work and consistency.

Every single day!

Changing our habits paves the road to health. But, it is the establishment of a solid process that ensures that you arrive at your intended health destination.

Want Help Establishing Yours?

Want to NOT feel as "doughy", exhausted, and /or heavy as you do now come December 2021?

Then start by clicking below. We guarantee you will not be the same person after one year in the system.

The process that we help create for you just doesn’t allow for it.

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