The 7 P’s to Achieving Excellence

Blaine LaFleur
The 7 P’s to Achieving Excellence

As a functional medicine practitioner, I have found that I am much more tuned in to specific health verbiage, now, than when I first started in the business. Back then, I had answers… lots of them. Even if the clients came to the conversation with zero questions, I was locked and loaded. Ready to spew forth what I thought I knew that could help them. I only listened to clients, because that is what is expected of the other human being in a conversation. Particularly, when you are the “doctor” in the conversation.

Client: “Doc, it’s been a rough month.”

Doctor: “Mm Hmm”

Client: “Things just keep getting worse and I constantly fall off the wagon.”

Doctor: “MM HMM…”

Client: “Do you have any good advice for me?”

Doctor: “Indeed…(Insert generic feel good language concluded with empathetic, pursed-lip head nod)

The 7 P’s to Achieving Excellence

Yet, aside from the health and wellness realm, most of us are seeking to excel in at least one thing or another. We want to be better spouses, parents, friends, stewards of our money, Christians, etc. You name the category, and I’ll show you multitudes of folks seeking to achieve success within it.

Our dilemma: We have no clue how to achieve the very greatness we have dedicated so much time towards. Our other problem: we love beautifully polished advice, tidied up in a big red bow. Regardless of the giver, if the advice appears to be easy, quick, and glistens with a subtle promise of euphoria, we buy it.

The 7 P’s to Achieving Excellence

Is this post any different? Of course not. Similar to any other short-sighted article regarding expediting success, these words are simply meant as a clever visual metaphor used to chastise the abstract concept of simplified accomplishment.

Being that the “How to” business has set up camp within every social media platform that currently exists, I have decided to disperse a smidgen of knowledge myself.

Want to get healthier?

Want to become wealthier?

Want to love more?

Want to hate less?

Want more happiness?

You do? Sweet! Then step right up and follow the 7 P’s to 21st century blanketed excellence:

1. Prioritizing

2. Proper

3. Planning

4. Prevents

5. Piss

6. Poor

7. Performance

Succumb to these seven simple, sequential steps and save yourself a surplus of strain.

Alliteration aside, adopting abrupt acts of absurdity appears to always attenuate achievement.

Excessive? Maybe.

Redundant? Perhaps.

Yet, what simple and empty promising advice, today, isn’t shallow and misleading?

Further simplification warranted?

“As you think, so will you be. And as you are, so will you do.” — Dr. Lee Thayer

Change your current thinking.

Start being the person you ought to be.

Once you are who you need to be, do what it is that you were called to do.




So simple, yet so seemingly unattainable for most.

Happy Thinking!

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