No need to inform you on how deep of a hole America has dug itself into regarding our health. Blame it on what you will, but there is no single factor that can claim all the destruction. Yea Yea, as a whole, we Americans tend to consume way too much sugar, crappy vegetable oils, and food altogether. Some folks, flat out, just don’t care. They will continue to consume their “feel good” foods, despite what their physician, the media, or trusted unofficial research (aka Facebook) tells them.

Yet, there are millions of Americans looking for answers. The problem is that they aren’t sure where to look. In fact, humor yourself for a minute. Go ahead and think of the top 3 avenues you would take if you have a burning health question buzzing around in your head.

Did one of your three answers contain the “Internet”?

Did one of them contain “Pick up the phone and call my doctor?”

If you answered “Yes” to the first, then Welcome to America. If you answered “Yes” to the latter, we would be the ones to challenge thatIf you were to pick up the phone right now and call your doctor, what might that process look like? Left on hold? Spoke to the nurse?

In the hopes of keeping your interest, let’s take a gander at a growing trend in healthcare. In a 2013 survey, U.S. adults admitted to the following:

“77% of online health seekers say they began their last session at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Another 13% say they began at a site that specializes in health information, like WebMD. Just 2% say they started their research at a more general site like Wikipedia and an additional 1% say they started at a social network site like Facebook.”  Don’t lie….You’ve done it!

And predictions for 2018? According to Forbes magazine, “Users Will Trust Health Apps More Than Their Doctors.”

Read that again.

I'm Interested!

Its a good thing that our citizens are taking their health into their own hands. American emergency medicine is fantastic, but our capacity to educate and improve chronic illness is humorous to say the least. But, the healthcare system has taken enough of a beating lately, so let’s ask a few personal questions, claim some responsibility, and move us a little closer to a solution, shall we?

Why would citizens trust technology over physicians? What information is out there that the media and the government (who funds medical school by the way) isn’t so anxious to push our way? Are there more efficacious and enlightening health measurements at our disposal besides the same worthless lab tests that insurance is willing to cover?

Of course there are! Would you be willing to go back to using a 2003 Nokia as opposed to your latest iPhone 8? Hell no, you wouldn’t! In fact, I bet even if insurance covered your Nokia 100%, you still would be willing to give your left kidney to be able to have your iPhone. The appearance is that we are more willing to allow our physicians to “qualify” us as “healthy” based on outdated, non-correlative science, than we are to question their “Authority.”

Well, Good News! Better health metrics actually exist, and you can keep all of your organs (Hopefully). Science has evolved; despite what insurance companies would like you to believe. You can now purchase testing that gives you a much clearer picture to mineral deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, fat burning capability, hormone imbalance, fatigue, and more. Plus, you don’t need a prescription from your physician to have it done.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Do I feel that in order for someone to see that a lifestyle modification is necessary, they must have specific laboratory tests performed? No. I’ll give more credit to the public than that. But, does it help to show them the best way to incorporate specific exercise and a whole foods diet into their lifestyle, so that they can decrease overall risk of morbidity? You bet!

This goes for both ends of the spectrum. From the overstressed, cortisol filled desk-jockey looking to gain a bit of perspective on which daily exercise modality to choose: Yoga or HIIT? All the way to prolonging the life of the strict vegan who needs a wake up call to alert them that their local honey and oats breakfast could be the reason for their “pre-diabetic” fasting blood sugar levels. Keep in mind, it wasn’t long ago that Kellogg’s Corn Flakes was touted by the media as the go-to breakfast. But seriously, Lego the Eggo.

Most folks are more concerned with what their blood sugar is doing after meals, but should be concerned with how much insulin they require to control that blood sugar. That’s what’s important. There’s a test for that.

What about, “My doctor says my cholesterol levels look great?” Have you seen the research on the correlation between total cholesterol numbers and Cardiovascular Disease? It’s garbage. Or better yet, ask them to explain what “atherosclerosis” really is. If you have been led to believe that your cholesterol bunches up and clogs the arteries, similar to what grease does in a sink drain, you’ve been sadly misguided.

We now have more health information at our finger tips than ever before. Yet, some still choose to follow the Government’s Food Pyramid instead of just asking themselves a few simple questions about their health:

  • Have I inadvertently gained or lost weight recently?
  • Am I trying to lose weight or feel better, but still don’t?
  • Do I take medication for ailments that could be caused by my “less than stellar” diet and rock star lifestyle?

Do your health a favor. Don’t be a victim; Stop looking for a magic recipe; Start asking the right questions regarding your health, and, for heaven’s sake, utilize the technology at your disposal to actually get specific, individualized keys to unlock your own wellness potential.

That’s where we (HPHI) come in.

We are Functional Health practitioners aimed at solving chronic illness, promoting healthy lifestyles, and excelling athletes by using, individualistic combinations of fitness, diet, and, cutting edge science. 


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