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Blaine LaFleur
So, What Exactly Does HPHI Do?

Since we get asked this a good bit, and have received such valuable..

Blaine LaFleur
What I Learned About Habits From Coaching My Mom

For the past three to five years, given the career path that I have..

Blaine LaFleur
What You Need to Know About New Year Resolutions

Process Driven vs Goal-Driven: Why Some Remain Healthy Effortlessly While..

Blaine LaFleur
Homeless for the Holidays

Lacie Jo and I have these friends that get into the giving mindset this..

Blaine LaFleur
The Top 8 Reasons That We Must Change Our Thinking About Insurance-Based Medicine

1. Insurance Premium Prices are Just Flat-out Ridiculous.


Blaine LaFleur
A "Get to" vs a "Have to" Mentality

Mindset and cognitive habits don’t just play a role in the process of..

Blaine LaFleur
Why The "Fail-eo" Diet Trumps Whatever Diet You Are Currently On

What the??!! Fail-eo? This dude right here…

First off,..

Blaine LaFleur
What does it mean to truly "Empower" the patient in today's healthcare?

Throughout the history of medicine, the patient has most often been the..

Blaine LaFleur
What You Need To Know About Initiating Healthy Habits

In the last article, I touched on a bit of the concept of “willpower.”..

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