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Blaine LaFleur
So, What Exactly Does HPHI Do?

Since we get asked this a good bit, and have received such valuable..

Blaine LaFleur
What I Learned About Habits From Coaching My Mom

For the past three to five years, given the career path that I have..

Blaine LaFleur
Homeless for the Holidays

Lacie Jo and I have these friends that get into the giving mindset this..

Blaine LaFleur
The Top 8 Reasons That We Must Change Our Thinking About Insurance-Based Medicine

1. Insurance Premium Prices are Just Flat-out Ridiculous.


Blaine LaFleur
A "Get to" vs a "Have to" Mentality

Mindset and cognitive habits don’t just play a role in the process of..

Blaine LaFleur
Why The "Fail-eo" Diet Trumps Whatever Diet You Are Currently On

What the??!! Fail-eo? This dude right here…

First off,..

Blaine LaFleur
What You Need To Know About Initiating Healthy Habits

In the last article, I touched on a bit of the concept of “willpower.”..

Blaine LaFleur
What you NEED to know about Blood Pressure.

“Tale as old as time… True as it can be…”

Okay, I admit that this theme is..

Blaine LaFleur
5 Reasons Why Delegating and Procrastinating Your Health Will Fail You

Surprise, Surprise, people. We suck at taking care of ourselves.


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