Death To Dad Bod: 10 Steps To Getting Over The Hill, Sexier!

Tyler Lafleur


If you are reading this, then I probably do not need to explain to you what
"dad bod" is.

We don't choose to acquire one (at least not directly) but usually around the 30-35 yr old mark, it just kind of appears.

And as much as you dislike it, what can be even worse is wasting more and more time trying to get rid of it.

And look, I get it, no one with a kick-ass career and badass hobbies really wants to spend an extra 10-15 hours in the gym during the week.

You aren't planning to step on stage and flex your brains out in some string bikini, so why bother looking decent, right?

Well, wrong. While it doesn't have as much to do with how you look, it has much more to do with how well you age or live to see your 50's.

We, men, are not as bulletproof as we would like to think we are.

While we can still protect our wives and family and some of you can probably still throw a mean right hook, stroke and heart attack will laugh at your college boy antics.

And while we can joke about how we aren't as invincible as we once were.

I assure you that I have worked with enough men and high-level executives to see that their blood work doesn't lie like we often do to ourselves when stressed.

That is why I wrote this eBook! 

Death to Dad Bod:
10 Steps to Getting Over the Hill, Sexier!


So, what I aim to accomplish with this e-book is educate you a bit on a better path to not only looking better (your wife will thank you) but to ensure the shortest path to achieving your longevity and vitality.

Because it isn't just about having a heart attack.

I would be willing to bet that every man reading this would prefer to have a heart attack as opposed to living the rest of his life with erectile dysfunction due to crappy hormones and high blood pressure, or worse, roll around in a wheelchair for years to come due to a debilitating stroke.

So, sit tight and absorb the next 10 hacks to getting back to your 20's.

You don't have to incorporate all of them. You just have to embrace and overcome the ones that are causing most of your problems.

I am all about least effective dose.

So, if just tackling two of these gets you better results, then right on, brother.

You're good to go. 

Download the Death To Dad Bod eBook below!

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Download Death to Dad Bod eBook

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Don’t let a heart attack, stroke, or Diabetes catch you with your pants down…


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