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healthy fourth of july recipes

Celebrating your independence in the south is always a blast, but can seem like quite the uphill battle for those looking to look and feel their best. Keep reading to discover how to navigate this year's BBQ and booze fest more eloquently.

So, there is no reason to get cutesy with this blog. 

You know you are going to celebrate the Fourth and you know that there will be some challenges along the way for those just starting out on their health and wellness journey or for those who have just gotten in a groove with their diet and exercise routine.

Either way, the following suggestions could mean the difference between you waking up on the 5th feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the next adventure, or hugging the commode while dreading getting in a swim suit to showcase your 6 month non-pregnant, bloated midsection...

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Navigating The BBQ's and Dinner Parties

1. Bring your own veggies or salad

This is easy.

Instead of hoping that your host is going to have a decent side dish (which they probably won't since Baked beans and potato salad are not "vegetables") {shocker, I know}, bring your own Tupperware of pre-made salad or veggies and just throw some pieces of meat from the BBQ on top or on the side.

Win Win

2. Eat before you go

Since most of us know we will be partaking in booze or some type of alcoholic beverage, why not just eat prior to hitting the party and simply drink and mingle as opposed to planning your whole evening around navigating the appetizer table.

No matter how strong you think your will power is, once you start drinking it becomes a white knuckle David and Goliath fist fight. You'll find no stone and sling here, Hero.

Know your limits. This is one food addiction battle that most lose each and every time.

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3. Just eat the meat

I know some people will get offended if you don't "try just a bite" of their side dishes or "famous dessert" ( I am talking right at ya, Frannie!), but guess who will be responsible for the additional 5 lbs of water weight on the scale tomorrow?

That's right! You!

So as opposed to trying to nibble on coleslaw and sweet potato casserole while scarfing down your drumsticks and hamburger patties, just simply stick to the meat and let your alcohol serve as your carb.

4. Skip the beer

Choose vodka, tequila, whiskey, or gin but stop day-drinking for hours with beer then finding yourself hovering over half an acre of apple pie come 10 pm.

Most people try to "pace" themselves with beer, but the bloat and slow drip of alcohol all day eventually catches up with them as their blood sugar bottoms out.

If you are not a habitual beer drinker, then simply close your drinking window for the day and start a little later with your other forms of liquor.

Or use only one shot of alcohol per drink and take an activated charcoal before each one. You can find more hangover prevention tips in my previous blog.

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5. Some helpful recipes

Onnit just recently put out some articles with some pretty good drink recipes. You can find those and some other holiday recipes below just to give you a fighting chance come Thursday.

Watermelon Lime Spritzer

● 1 part tequila or gin
● 3 parts club soda/mineral water
● 1 part watermelon juice
● 1/2 part lime
● Liquid stevia to taste

Hibiscus Cooler

● 1 part vodka
● 3 parts club soda/mineral water
● 1 part hibiscus punch (you can get this at a health food store)
● 1/2 part lemon juice
● Liquid stevia to taste

Make a couple large pitchers for a party or one at a time. Serve over ice with an herb or citrus garnish. If you want to get extra fancy, you can muddle some fresh fruit with basil or mint into the bottom of the glasses.

HPHI Healthy Fourth Of July

Full recipe HERE


HPHI Healthy Fourth Of July

Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe Here

What did I miss? Comment below with your best party or navigation tips!

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