Sticking To Your Resolution

Tyler Lafleur


Still wondering what long-term success looks like?

Let me enlighten you!

As we take the time to step back from our day to day grind
we may notice something awfully unfamiliar to us.
Not due to the fact that we are ignorant to what it is, but solely based on the fact that we,
as a society, seem to be just woefully unfamiliar with seeing it actually given credit for.
What is it that we speak of?
The compounding, non-linear effect of choosing and solidify the appropriate habits.
What we ARE used to seeing, especially blasted on social media, are headlines such as:
  1. "Become an overnight, passive income millionaire"

  2. "Finally, fat loss and abundant energy while eating dessert!"

  3. "Wine = to Exercise!"

  4. "Learn to be a leader: click here"
You may be wondering why these types of ads are so enticing.
You may know exactly why they are so seductive yet you click on them anyway just to check it out...
But, each and every time, we are enlightened with the fact that quick fixes and over night successes are as magical and mythical as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.
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Meet "Long-Term Success"

Lets focus on this gentlemen's weight loss process.

From 313 lbs to 230 lbs, a successful journey that lasted several months.

Even though the process may had taken time to achieve, the journey brings to surface another (seemingly unattainable) accomplishment in the weight loss niche:


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 11.02.04 AM-588942-edited
Here is another view of his weight-loss steady success:
download (2)-629041-edited

Not only is he maintaining his weight loss, but it is still continuing to drop.

Notice how there aren't many plateaus strewn across the weeks before you.

Why not?

Because when we encountered a plateau, we made a conscious effort to remove what wasn't working while implementing new tactics that brought about results.

This dude isn't on a diet.
He is on a MISSION!


Struggling Reaching Your Goals? We Can Help!

Keys to successful goal formation:

Our client:

Had a goal and a date to achieve it by. 
Knew his weaknesses and vulnerabilities and made sure to work with someone who wouldn't allow him to default himself because of them.

Most people:

Just wait for the next "cool" or "popular" diet trend.
Or some sort of supplement that will bring about rapid results with minimal effort.

Lucky for you, we have a screen shot of their typical results as well: 


While the supplement and marketing companies sit back and fish dollars out of your wallets: 

Many more people fail rather than succeed.

As Dr. Lee Thayer likes to put it:
|"Many more people fail rather than succeed because a technique (diet, exercise routine, business strategy, etc.) that is not supported by a superior understanding of why things work the way they do is a technique that will likely fail." 

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Food For Thought

Do you:

  1. Want lasting results or overnight, fleeting change?

  2. Have a specific goal or plan to just wing your routine?

  3. Have what you need in order to be successful?

  4. Are you sitting, waiting, and wishing for success, while stuffing your face with banana pancakes?

Still Struggling? We Can Help!

The Million-Dollar Question is

What are you going to do differently the next time
you attempt to make a run at your health or weight loss goals?

Well? Still thinking?

Do you need a mission and not just a diet?

Let's embark on this journey, together!

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