Are You Still Making These 5 Fat Loss Mistakes?

Tyler Lafleur



From my training and coaching experience, the majority of my clients always lead our initial call with wanting to: 

“Lose weight”, “Get healthier”, or “Get in better shape”.

Sound familiar?


 "Im just toning"

But as I begin to pry further, and peel away the pop culture fluff,
it really always boils down to one of three things

  1. Building muscle
  2. Losing fat
  3. Removing the symptoms of their problematic lifestyle

And, of course, there is always the caboose comment of “toning”.

Allow me to put this mythical beast to rest once and for all with a rudimentary English lesson.

Tone is not to be used as a verb. 
Tone is an adjective. 
There is no such thing as “toning”. 

You either are: building muscle, burning fat, or doing both at the same time to reveal the muscle.

A “toned” muscle is nothing more than a visual of the muscle through the skin without your body fat hiding its shape

Make sense?

jon-tyson-228428-unsplashStruggling Reaching Your Goals? We Can Help!

Back to giving the people what they need!

In order to burn fat and/or build muscle,
you have to abide by certain laws.

And while physiology is uber complicated at a cellular level, making the body work FOR you and not AGAINST your goals is much more simplistic.

Here's the TOP 5 MISTAKES people are making on a day to day basis as they pursue their muscle building or body fat goals:


1- Lack of Muscular Strength
You are not doing enough strength work.

Trying to build muscle by doing too many reps or by simply doing cardio doesn’t work as well as most would like it to.

You have to create enough tension for the body to respond positively to.

Simply walking or lifting 8lbs dumbbells for 150 reps usually doesn’t pack on muscle or shred away body fat.

If anyone else out there has made that work for them, please chime in and spill your secrets to defying the Laws of Physics and Metabolomics.


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 2- Lack of a Defined Biological Adaptability
Your body doesn’t know what it is supposed to adapt to

Your body will get more efficient at running if you strategically run further and further as you recovery adequately from the previous workout.

By simply walking each day:

What signal do you think you are telling your body to respond to?

To get better at walking?

Pretty sure most of us adults are already fairly decent at that.

Sitting at a desk all day and eating foods that squeeze your pancreas dry of it's insulin stores is:

  • Telling your body to adapt by increasing the size of your hips and beer gut.

  • Jacking up blood pressure and increasing your risk for heart attack and stroke.

From personal experience in performance coaching and functional medicine I have yet to see those types of goals on anyone’s Health History Questionnaire.

On the other hand:

By lifting heavier weights and cleaning up your diet,
your body responds positively by building muscle and burning body fat.

(Pending that the rest of your lifestyle is conducive to it doing so.)


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3- Lack of Daily Activity Tracking
Your aren’t tracking your food, water, and sleep.

I’m eating healthy doesn’t mean anything to anyone but yourself.

And if we are judging the efficacy of someone’s current food choices and lifestyle by how they look and feel, I would be willing to bet that most folks wouldn’t give themselves higher than a 4 out of 10 rating. (At least honestly, anyways).

This is why we have ALL our clients and members track what they eat, how much they drink, and their quality of sleep.

When you figure out the right formula for those three inputs,
you will start getting the outputs that you seek.

And then there is that whole “maintenance” thing.
That is always fun to achieve with our clients as well.


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4- Lack of a Goal-Oriented Health Program 
Your current health program does NOT align with your goals

The biggest problem with following an old workout program you find on the internet is they don’t take your goal into account.

Eating whole grain while trying to overcome diabetes
is considered ill-alignment.

Staying up late and getting up early while trying to improve Testosterone levels is considered ill-alignment.

Wanting to see change but continuing to act and think the same way
is considered…. Insanity.

(Just kidding… but seriously, that is ill-alignment as well.)

If you are a business owner with young or sport-oriented children,
what makes you think that you can stick to a 7 day/week-2 hour gym regimen and everything else in your life is going to fall right into place?

Your programming has to align with your current time allocation and stress levels.

The shotgun approach usually does nothing more than making large holes in the current playing field.

Be strategic:
Think about what the least effective dose of
eating and training could be in order to achieve your goals

5- Lack of Guidance
You need an effective, outside perspective, but...

No one in your family knows anymore than you do.

You don’t have time for the gym.

Personal trainers are too expensive.

You already know what to eat.

You know what to eat but just can’t make yourself do it.

Googling “healthy diet” on the Internet overwhelms you…
and the Internet...

So, What's Next?

Let's go back to your goals. Are you still wanting to:
“Lose weight”, “Get healthier”, or “Get in better shape”?


The real question is:

Are you willing to do step into the uncomfortable
and change your conventional habits to do so?


Let's go to work - Together!


What will it take for you to do so? 

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