How To Achieve More In Life

Tyler Lafleur


Forget health goals for a minute.

How are the rest of your 2018 goals coming along?

Have you and procrastination gotten real chummy again this year?

Silly Rabbit, Avoiding Change is For Kids

You remember last year around this time, right? 

You and Ole Crasty’ were best buds up until New Year’s rolled around.

Then you broke up with him because he was mentally abusive and lazy.
You wanted more out of life.

But something happened once you ventured out into the dating scene again.

You realized that achieving and acquiring something greater was a lot tougher than you thought.

Do you know why?

Because you thought that you could gain more in life by being exactly the same person that you are today…


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But, lets get serious for a minute.

How many of us pay close attention to our daily actions and thought processes?

Enough attention that we are extremely aware of how effective those actions and thoughts are for the attainment of the ultimate prize that we have set in our minds?

And don’t act as though this process is alien to you.
As a kid, you were superb at this type of awareness and instruction.

Remember when you were looking for something that your parents had hid from you around the house, and the closer you would get, they would tell you,

“You’re getting warmer…”.

And if you were moving further away from it, they would say,

“Ohhh, you’re getting colder… colder.”

Some of you have forgotten this simple, yet powerful, game.

Most Americans’ consciences are screaming at them:

“You’re freezing! Antartica! North Pole, ya big dummy!”

And, sadly, most people continue to choose the same thinking and doing that has gotten them exactly where they are in life.

| “Want to know the type of life that you deserve? 
     Look at the one you’ve got.” 
- Dr. Lee Thayer

So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, I am not exactly sure since no recipe for success currently exists, but making sure that the following traps aren’t hanging you up could be a fantastic start.

Here are a few things that you could currently be thinking, being or doing
that are sabotaging your success in achieving your goals:

1. You aren't sleeping enough, eating well enough, or drinking enough water


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Sleep, eat and drink.

If you can’t embrace the process and do the basics superbly, you will never be able to taste or hold onto success.

Every good thing that crosses your path will be gone as fast as it came into your grasp.

If your soil isn’t hospitable, your garden cannot grow.

2. Your goals are not your own

Doing nice and worthy things for others, some would argue, is the reason for being. And they might be right.

As humans, most of us would rather give than receive.
Yet, when it comes to our goals in life, it is quite a different story.

Your goals are your goals. No one else.
That is why achieving and pursuing them brings so much pleasure.

You know where the pleasure tends to go when you are pursuing someone else’s goals and dreams in life?

You guessed it! The dreamer!

Make sure that your actions and thinking are lined up with YOUR purpose for being.

Even failing while pursuing your own dreams is fulfilling.

Succeeding at someone else’s passion and cause in this world is short-lived.
Take the time to really think about what you want and why you want it.

I promise that Facebook and Instagram will still be there once you finish contemplating the rest of your life’s path.

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3. Your strongest habit is to procrastinate

Until you break this one, you may find yourself still talking about it well into your 80’s.

Pick the one thing on your to-do list today that gives you the most anxiety, fear, or frustration and kick it’s teeth in first thing in the morning. Then see how much smoother your day runs from there.

You may be thinking:

“Okay, then what?”

Good question!

Repeat that process in perpetuity until you achieve your goals.

4. Your goals are actually attainable

Say what?!

That’s right.

You know what makes a goal “motivating” and worth while?
The fact that you can’t grasp it until something else happens.
Either you change or you build something that assists you in grabbing ahold of what it is that you want most in this world.

Want to make more money? Great, how much?
What will you do once you make it?

Probably do what most people do once they reach their financial goals:

Raise the bar and continue to grow as a person!

If your goals don’t make your friends and family laugh at you or cause you frustration and angst looking at how far you must go in order to achieve them, then you’re doing it wrong.

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In summary, make sure that you are not falling into any of the traps above, then reassess and reevaluate where you are going to burn your energy for the next 10 years of your life.

The little things stack up fast.

Thinking you can achieve great things without mastering the minutia, is just plain foolish. Only lottery winners do that.

Then they have to figure out what minutia they must master once they have burned through their monopoly money.

Stop Sabotaging and Start De-cluttering The Crap Getting In The Way.


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