Why The "Fail-eo" Diet Trumps Whatever Diet You Are Currently On

Blaine LaFleur
What the??!! Fail-eo?

What the??!! Fail-eo? This dude right here…

First off, what is it? Well, on the surface, “Fail-eo” is a term given to the attempt that folks take at implementing a healthy paleo diet into their current routine. As if they don’t adhere to the strict dietary dogma that the seller of whatever new diet scheme is selling them, that they are somehow inadequate.

Then these “Fail-eo” dropouts do what most humans do whenever they fail: they pick themselves up and try again; in a completely stress-free motivated manner…. (Yea right!)

They actually go on to completely sabotage their health and eat all the wrong foods because somehow in their mind, eating sugar-laden foods makes them “feel” better.

But, {and that’s a huge BUT - ‘no pun’} let’s take a moment to decenter from all the criticism. 

If someone is eating healthy, all-natural, whole foods 90, 80, or even 70% of the time? How in the world does that make them a failure? Why would you go completely awol by having a secret affair with Betty Crocker because you made a conscious decision to try your co-worker's non-gluten free cupcake? 

One bite of cupcake < the gallon of Blue Bell mint chocolate chip that you devour because you feel sorry for yourself for “failing.”

What’s the real-life big picture here? You made a choice to have a bite of cupcake amongst your other fantastic food choices for the day. But what the “Food Facebook Nazi’s” will have you believe is that you are a failure and you “need” their specific 18 day silver bullet protocol to somehow *Poof* your way back to health platinum status.

Oh, I’m healthy and sassy again, y’all!

“Oh, I’m healthy and sassy again, y’all!”

It really doesn’t work that way. One bite of a cupcake doesn’t remove your “health status.” And if you are eating your paleo diet 80% of the time, then by all means, keep failing. Just work on reducing your rate of failure, incrementally. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because you nibbled on a smidgen of goodness. That’s like betting your entire 401K on one hand of blackjack because you screwed up and bought a scratch-off lottery ticket while you were drunk. 

It’s that foolish. 

Start choosing your own health “mental model” when it comes to the choices that you make. Don’t allow social media or the government’s non-sense approach to diet and lifestyle rule your thinking. You have choices; much more than you realize.

Still think that the Food Pyramid is your friend and your current physician is going to lead you into the wellness "promised-land?"

Join us on the 16th and make your own decisions about the future of your health.

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