Do You Track Your Success? Why We Track Our Members... Daily!

Tyler Lafleur
Stop and imagine for just a second what it would be like if tomorrow you could wake up to a gentle nudging on your shoulder and a sweet, angelic voice, “Rise and shine… Your coffee is ready.”
You roll over, stretch, yawn, and rise as you stand into your slippers.
“Your shower is nice and warm as well”, the voice claims.
You step out of the shower, dress, and sip your coffee as you make your way to the kitchen.
“Your eggs and spinach are on the bar. I have also placed your keys, cell phone, and wallet near your plate so that you don’t forget them”, the voice chimes in.
You finish your breakfast and as you push away your plate, your morning vitamins appear right before you with a tall glass of sparkling water. You swallow them all and finish off the water prior to heading out.
“Don’t forget your stir-fried vegetables and shrimp for lunch.” The voice yells from the kitchen. “I also placed a piece of fruit and some raw veggies with hummus for a snack”, it concludes as you smile and grab the bag before heading out of the door.
Before you shut the door behind you, you freeze and turn back toward the kitchen and ask, “but what about dinner?”
The voice replies, “don’t worry about it. I will have baked the sweet potatoes and the salmon before you get home and I will place the asparagus in the oven as soon as you arrive. That way they remain crisp; just the way you like them.”
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Now, what I aim to describe here is not some fairy tale utopia. This life and health routine is attainable. Just ask my wife… she gets to experience this daily. (Love you, babe.)
But seriously, however out of reach this routine appears to be, it is quite possible to achieve. But, it is quite IMPOSSIBLE to expect it, tomorrow.
And that's the rub, isn’t it? 
Most people don’t want to start living healthier because they feel as though they cannot perfect it by tomorrow. 
Newsflash: No one can. Life is always going to throw curveballs
That is why, here at HPHI, we don’t just hand you a “diet.” If it were as easy as just following a specific diet or taking a few supplements, how many healthy and energized people would we see walking the streets, whistling on their commutes to work?
Have you been to Wal-Mart, lately? 😳
Albeit, a proper diet and a few supplements won’t be enough to save some people. A dash a Jesus could aid them in their pursuit as well… but I digress.
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That is why tracking our members, daily, is so beneficial and effective. Sometimes we help them decide on a plan or a menu for the week. If they accomplish what they set out to, fantastic. We high five and progress to the next level.
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If they cannot live up to their commitments, we don’t verbally abuse them and chastise their willpower. We ask more thought provoking questions to assess the root cause of their shortcomings for the week. 
There is always a small or subtle tweak that can be suggested and implemented that can fill the holes that life inevitably pokes in the plan. 
If we were to just hand you a diet and exercise plan, then check in with you at the end of the week or even the month, how much do you feel as though you would actually change? 
Some folks do quite well with this guidance. And, it’s awesome. But others need a bit more course correcting through their daily trials. 
That is what we are here to do. We provide daily, incremental course correction as you continue to live your life. Eventually, you all can have the perfect, stress free day that we described earlier, but it will take small shifts along the way before most of you will be able to achieve it. 
Oh, and if you happen to get sick or catch a bug along the way, don’t waste your time sitting at the walk in clinic. We are able to patch that hole up as well.
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