So, What Exactly Does HPHI Do?

Blaine LaFleur
So, What Exactly Does HPHI Do?

Since we get asked this a good bit, and have received such valuable feedback on our website content in regards to what exactly we do and what we don’t do at HPHI, we decided to write an article, in addition to the information currently listed on our FAQ page, that focuses on breaking it down in a much more relatable way while exemplifying actual scenarios that our members have experienced.

So, What Exactly Does HPHI Do?
  • Do you want to stop Googling your health symptoms and be able to just text or call a physician or nurse on the spot? We do that.
  • Have you tried changing your diet before but “nothing seems to work?” We solve that. (Note* - we aren’t selling some sort of "get skinny quick” scheme here. We simply know that tweaking your current routine or measuring the right enzymatic or hormone levels are the only way for the body to maintain muscle and burn fat. It has everything to do with science and nothing to do with sales.)
  • Caught the bug that your kids brought home from school and can’t get off of the couch due to the splitting headache and nausea? Well, that’s nothing that an IV won’t fix right up. We do that. (And note* for our premium members, we come to your couch to do it.) 
  • New insurance policy giving you the run around in order to get your Humira prescription filled and now you are in a world of hurt due to inflammation until you can get it sorted out? We do that. Although we could assist with a steroid injection or oral Medrol dose pack in the interim, note that we firmly believe that arthritis symptoms can be reversed with the proper diet and lifestyle. We have seen other members do it. So, while we will help provide some comfort until you can get your prescription, know that we will still encourage and push you to supplement a better lifestyle as opposed to relying on a medication to cover up your symptoms.)
  • Come out of the woods from the weekend and have a new rash. You know it is poison ivy and you just need a steroid cream or injection to nip it prior to it spreading. You can either go to the walk-in clinic and chance spending half of your day waiting to see the doctor to be told what you already know, or if you are member of ours, you simply send us a picture of it and we call in exactly what you need. If you are allergic to poison ivy and want a steroid injection to prevent it from swelling your face and neck into oblivion (I’ve been there…) then simply text the clinic and we will just have you come in.
  • Been fighting what seems to be the same sinus infection you get annually before the holidays and now it’s Saturday and you just want to go ahead and take the antibiotic? We do that. By simply texting or emailing the clinic, we will get what you need so that you can just pick it up at the pharmacy. If we need to see you the following week, then we can schedule that as well.

While these are all “urgent care” scenarios, note that at the heart of what we do is “Lifestyle Medicine.” While some clinics may term it “Concierge Medicine”, we like to refer to it as “Convenient Medicine.” Going to the doctor doesn’t have to be complicated. And while we can’t always avoid getting sick, it sure is nice having a health coach/personal trainer that can take care of your urgent care needs as well.

We have to admit, though. Our membership is not for everyone. We want members who want to be better for themselves and their kids. We want the ones that know that they need to make a change but haven’t met a doctor or dietician that can show them how, while still eating food that tastes fantastic. We want the ones that want to feel better tomorrow than they did today. And, of course, having the comfy urgent care pillow to break your fall in the instant that you do end up getting sick is always a perk that our members love about their membership. 

So how does the Lifestyle Medicine apply, here, then? Well, it does in a few different ways.

  • Need the appropriate accountability in order to maintain your health and wellness commitments for the new year? We do that.
  • Have a family history of heart disease or diabetes and you are worried that your current lifestyle isn’t doing you any favors? We run the appropriate tests to discover the root cause of your inflammation or insulin sensitivity. And by signing up for the membership, the comprehensive test is free to you.
  • Have your kids come down with the flu or some other bug that you simply cannot come down with? Simply text or email the clinic and we will have you come by and pick up the proper all-natural immune boosters or have you order the most efficacious ones for future occurrences. 
  • Have embarrassing and uncomfortable gut and/or bowel issues that no one has been able to figure out yet? We do that. By running the appropriate tests and ruling out SIBO, Dysbiosis, and Parasitic infections, we can then find the right foods that suite your goals and your energy the best. 
  • Struggling with Thyroid symptoms and sick of the current system only prescribing medications to cover up your problems? We run the proper panels that find your individual deficiencies while assisting your body through its autoimmune healing process.
  • Going out to eat but don’t know what you can order on the menu? We do that. Send us a text or an email and let us know where you are heading and we can highlight the menu appropriately for you. Bonus: our premium members can text us the menu on the spot while sitting at the table. 

There you have it. We cover a lot of territory in regards to serving our members however they need. And while we can prescribe everything from medication to exercise modalities and intensities, what we cannot and will not attempt to inject you with is “motivation.” We provide support, accountability, knowledge, questions, and advocacy to all of our members. And they love it. But like we said, this isn’t for everyone. If you know you probably should live a little healthier and be better for yourself and your family, but you just don’t know if you want to commit just yet, then perhaps this isn’t for you. If you are certain that you want and need your 2018 to run laps around your 2017 then click below and sign up. This is one commitment that will return 10x on the investment while the only losses that you will acquire will come from your waistline, your blood sugar, and your 2017 self-doubt.

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