What is HPHI?

Blaine LaFleur
Adobe Spark (28)

At HPHI (High Performance Health Institute), we believe health and wellness has no one particular definition. To one, it may mean living an extra 10 years. To another, losing an extra 10 pounds. For too long, we’ve seen too many people suffer. Whether it be from chronic pain, or psychologically due to body image. Conventional health wisdom tells you to count calories. It blames your health misfortune on will power or your luck playing the genetic lottery. Who hasn’t been told that exercising more will magically burn away the extra two inches from your thighs? That if you somehow dig a little deeper, you can stay away from King Cake, Canebrake, and (God forbid) Billy’s Stuffed Boudin Balls.


At HPHI, we think a little differently. We are about training less time and achieving more results; eating more food and gaining less weight; controlling some hormones and manipulating others. Food pyramids, Calorie Counting, and strict monthly training protocols aren’t our thing. All diets work, don't they? At least to some degree and for some amount of time, but then something happens. It doesn’t fit your taste preferences, your work schedule, your family dynamic, or you as a individual specimen.

One client, multiple assessments, non-stop questioning, and unconventional approaches are what lead to unconventional results.

Do you have high blood pressure? Then you might want to check your lifestyle and nutrition as opposed to covering it up with a pill.

Do you rest easy at night because your “total cholesterol numbers look good?” Then you might want to look at your overall particle count, inflammatory markers, and Omega 6/3 ratio.


Still think that putting in more miles on the weekend and eating more salad will “tone you up for summer”? Then you might want to dial back the volume on the road and add it to your dinner plate.

Have you been lead to believe your joint pain and brain fog are both due to “Old Age”? Then you might want to have some autoimmune tests performed.

Can’t figure out why you can’t fall asleep at night despite overdosing melatonin? Then you might want to eat more carbs before bed and dial back your exercise intensity.

Sounds crazy, right? Well maybe we are, but the results are not. We have been called “Health Hackers”, “Performance Coaches”, and “Habit Formers”. Depending on the problem at hand, they all seem to fit rather nicely.

What we do know is that there is no “One Size Fits All” approach; no matter what the goal may be. Three friends train together for a marathon: One gets injured, one gets sick, and one finishes the race. How can that be? Same diet, same training, same motivation, yet only one doesn’t implode.

Isn’t it similar with diet? Are you even surprised that a group of people can eat the same foods at the same time, but all get drastically different results? Yet, the only surprise is that the majority of those people continue to take the same approach year after year.


“Eat less; Move around more”….. Good luck with that. We aren’t about shoving square pegs into round holes here at HPHI.

Here, we believe in “Root Cause Analysis”. Health is all about figuring out the exact stimulus of a problem. Every health issue has a trigger, whether it be stubborn fat, a plateau with endurance or strength, or chronic health issue. Asking the right questions, running the right tests, and implementing the exact protocols is where results are found.

Let’s find yours.

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