What is HPHI? How Do We Improve Your Health?

Tyler Lafleur
We get asked a good bit what exactly we do here at HPHI. How are we different? Why are we unique?
And while we may not have done a very good job of describing what exactly it is that we do, perhaps we can articulate it better in this video.
Aside from our concierge medicine and walk-in clinic services for our members, which we will cover in a later video, this particular video will cover exactly what it looks like in regards to our new member workflow.
From a lifestyle coaching perspective, we meet our members where they are currently in regards to facilitating the appropriate behavior changes. We monitor our members daily and weekly in order to assess exactly which habits and mental patterns that we need to get in front of. Once we address the particular habits, we work on slowly tweaking those actions in order to bring out the most benefit with the least effective dose.
More information rarely brings on more or lasting behavioral change. The problem isn’t that people don’t know what they need to do. The problem is that they don’t know how to do it.
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That is where we come in. We offer our members better options to make healthier choices as it pertains to their individual days, routines, preferences, and mental cues. 
We are all wired a bit differently. Isn’t it time that we start treating our patients that way?
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