Still Confused About If You Should Go "Low Carb" Or Not? It Won't Help You If...

Tyler Lafleur



Right around this time, I start to see this one narrative start to play out more than any other point throughout the year:

You have been going "low carb" for a few months now.

Things started out great and you were losing weight and the results in the mirror were getting you really excited.

You finally found a diet and a rhythm that works for you! Hooray!

Then, right when you were hoping to look your best (mid-summer beach season),
you start to look and feel extremely flat.

So you do what any overambitious person would do, right? 

You start eating less food, less carbs, and most importantly, you start exercising more often and harder.

You cannot think of one single reason why this isn't working for you anymore.

You feel defeated, burn out, and that tub of BlueBell is looking really comforting right about now, right.

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But you are no quitter, right?

You won't give up just yet.

You shouldn't eat more should you?

You shouldn't "cheat", right?

You shouldn't skip the gym, right?

All of that sounds backwards, doesn't it.

But here's the thing, IT WORKS!

If you currently do not have an insulin sensitivity problem (which is the driving force behind Type II Diabetes.), then spiking your insulin and your Leptin levels are probably just what you need in order to drop that last 5 lbs of belly fat.

You see, here's the thing:

Long term low calorie and low carb diets will tank your Leptin levels.

And if they are chronically depressed, so will you be in regards to your fat loss and muscle gain results.

But you can solve this dilemma with one extremely effective and thoroughly enjoying tactic...

It's called a "Re-Feed".

"Tell me more, T! How do I go about partaking in this here, Re-feed?"

Unfortunately, I can't tackle such a topic through such a short article and to such a broad, and diverse audience.

That requires much more information on my part.
Things such as:


You see! It gets rather granular and specific awfully quick once you start asking the right questions and measuring the right things.

If you are sick of eating less and training more, while not making any headway with your body fat and energy goals, contact us and let's uncover the root cause of your issues.


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