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Lacie Jo Lafleur
Why Hire A Health And Accountability Coach?

Health Coaches are flooding the market these days. I love that so many..

Lacie Jo Lafleur
Home Workouts While Quarantined

Keeping your workouts priority when you can’t make it to the gym will not..

Lacie Jo Lafleur
Simplify Your Shopping With This Clean-Eating Grocery List

How many of you tend to get overwhelmed when planning your weekly meals..

Blaine LaFleur
"Quit 'Should-ing' on Yourself"

Lately, there seems to be this “should be” attitude floating around..

On Mastering Ourselves

A common theme amongst most leadership and productivity gurus is the..

"Cajuns and Coconut Oil"

By now, I am sure most of you have either read or heard someone speaking..

"Healthy Skepticism"

Often, around our household, Lacie and I are confronted with a similar..

"Nah I Ain't Sayin To Avoid Liquor; But She Ain't Messin With No Broke Liver"

You know the best way to start a Monday off on the right foot? Get all..

Shorten Your Learning Curve

One of the most common, and most debilitating, roadblocks I see in the..

Seasonal Sinuses

(Inhales deeply through nose) Isn't it great living in Louisiana? Sunny..

A Mindset for Maintenance: 7 Pillars for Sustaining Wellness

1. Get yo mind right, fool!

Go ahead and think that you can accomplish..

Do you really "HAVE" to?

You inhale sharply through your nose, pausing before exhaling in semi-yawn..

Beginner’s Guide to Veggie Prep

While reading through my morning emails and articles this week, I came..

What is the purpose of this Newsletter?

There are certain times in life that we all tend to reflect on where we..

Why Vitamin D?

I received a message the other day from a client that read along the lines..

“Not so Fast…”

A topic that I see rather frequently when consulting with clients or..

“Ya Can’t Out Supplement a Crappy Lifestyle”

You know the scenario all too well: Alarm buzzes on phone; roll out of..

Supporting Digestion

One of the more important aspects of health, that we read and hear so much..

Powdered Green’s

Greens, greens! They’re good for your heart. The more you eatem’…..

How to Drink and Thrive

Ahh yes; America’s pastime. Drinking. Ask around and you will get several..

MidSouth Bank Executive Dinner

We want to extend a huge thank you to Midsouth Bank for allowing us to host..