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Tyler Lafleur
Client Finds Relief and Success After Years Of GI Upset and Weight Gain

While most clients come to HPHI and Fleurish Health for weight loss, fat loss,..

Tyler Lafleur
HPHI Is Hiring!

Interested in not only learning more about health, functional medicine, and..

Tyler Lafleur
Is Gluten Really That Bad For My Health?

While one food group, macronutrient, or variable can rarely ever be singled out..

Tyler Lafleur
"Good Cholesterol Numbers" Won't Save You From Having a Heart Attack

Say it ain't so!

Unfortunately, it is so.

We have been lead to believe a ..

Tyler Lafleur
What does "Root Cause" even mean?

We get this question quite often when first speaking with clients or potential..

Tyler Lafleur
Top 6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Would Change My Health

Do you've want to live a "healthy" lifestyle, but you are overwhelmed with all..

Tyler Lafleur
Trick or Treat-ment

If you want to know the type of body and energy that you deserve, look at the..

Tyler Lafleur
The Big Picture: Sleep and Hormones

Let’s be real for a moment: Most people are not excited to talk about improving..

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