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From an all-around health perspective, sleep and adequate recovery are paramount. No matter how much or how little you exercise, or how well or not so well you eat, if you do not sleep or get enough restful sleep, you will slowly wither away or consistently battle a weak immune system.

With so much homage being paid to "low-carb dieting" and "HIT Training", most people continue to overlook the value of a good night of sleep.

And even if they do acknowledge the power of adequate rest and recovery, not many are actually measuring or quantifying how their bodies and minds are recharging from the previous day's activities.

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Why Is Recovery More Important Than The Exercise Itself?

Recovery is defined as "a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength."

And while most people feel as though simply "falling asleep" is adequate enough to return back to baseline, the truth is, it's not.

Like I tell most of my clients, "Unconsciousness is no where near the same thing as restful sleep."

Without entering into enough deep sleep cycles throughout the night, your body and brain cannot "return to a normal state."

Stacking on more stress the following day through our "normal" American lifestyles along with the added stress of even more exercise, and slowly but surely, most people are digging a significant recovery hole for them to dig themselves out of.

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How Poor Recovery Affects Health

While you may feel the effects of a poor night of sleep the following morning (groggy, lethargic, and needing caffeine) the real problems start to accumulate and stack up without any real subjective warning signs.

1. Your hormonal negative feedback loops start to kick in and not only down regulate your extremely high cortisol levels, but they also drag down your sex hormones as well. #GoodbyeSexDrive

2. Waves of inflammatory cytokines start to welcome themselves at home throughout your body causing all sorts of damage to your blood vessels.

3. And your brain craves more and more sugar thus further hindering your own insulin sensitivity which will slowly add fat to your frame and cause your liver to pump out more triglycerides and small, dense cholesterol particles.

Deep Sleep's Affect On Health

Most of us know the importance of sleeping if we want to not drop dead of a stress induced heart attack at an early age, but not many people are aware of how important sleep is to our aesthetic goals as well.

Researchers in South Carolina, found that sleeping for one less hour per night just for one week could cause one to hold onto more fat and lose more precious muscle.

This study is important because most people think that simply eating less will bring about the aesthetic changes that they so desperately hope for, but it turns out, without that one hour of sleep, accumulated over about seven days, you could be holding on to 20% more fat than your dieting counterparts that choose to prioritize their sleep.

You may both lose the same about of weight, but they are losing fat, while you are losing muscle... which doesn't do very much for your physique goals... #wompwomp

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How Can CBD Improve Recovery? 

What most of my clients have noticed by taking CBD is that they either:

  1. Fall asleep faster

  2. Feel more rested in the morning

  3. Have significantly improved sleep numbers

  4. Have more energy throughout the day

  5. Get sick less often

What is important to note is that all of these are benefits of getting adequate sleep and not from taking CBD oil itself. Yet, most of our users have found that ingesting CBD prior to bedtime has improved the quality and duration of their time in bed.

If you haven't tried CBD oil to improve your sleep, it won't hurt to give it a shot.

Exercise is important... but Sleep is King!

Where Can I Get A Quality CBD Oil?

Stop in at Marley B's Juice Bar in Youngsville to try Silverseed CBD oil, today!


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