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The Strain of Freediving 40 Feet Below the Ocean’s Surface

You don’t often think of words like “strain,” “fatigue,” and “recovery” when trying to describe the events that take place during one’s vacation. But then again, holding your breath for 2-3 minutes at a time and freediving to the ocean floor isn’t exactly a typical vacation activity.

Active Acadiana December 2016: Mind Over Mirror

The cat is out of the bag. “Feelings” and “Performance” aren’t flying off the shelves as fast as “Looks” seem to be these days. And don’t even act as though you are immune to it. You can’t seem to open a magazine, click on an article, or thumb through social media without running across a specific front and center supermodel. But, like most

Active Acadiana November 2016: “From Well-ish to High Performance”

Why the Healthcare Industry needs Disruption

How can we evolve from the Razor flip phone to the sophistication of our current iPhone in the matter of a few years, yet a physician made the statement below back in 1931 and we have yet to catch on?

Active Acadiana October 2016: “Macros, Calories, and Hormones- Oh My!”

With all this banter about calories, let’s just go ahead and stop kicking this poor dead horse. The word itself should be taboo by now. We humans just love to dig deeper down irrelevant rabbit holes. And why wouldn’t we with all the research around calories?!! The articles are so bright, shiny, and sprinkled with large words such as

Active Acadiana September 2016: Fleurish Intro

At Fleurish Health, we believe health and wellness has no one particular definition. To one, it may mean living an extra 10 years. To another, losing an extra 10 pounds. For too long, we’ve seen too many people suffer. Whether it be from chronic pain, or psychologically due to body image. Conventional health wisdom tells you to count calories.

MidSouth Bank Executive Dinner

We want to extend a huge thank you to Midsouth Bank for allowing us to host their Executive dinner. We also want to thank Brett Broussard and his incredible staff for the great service and delicious 4-course meal.