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As for the men out there, we know a couple of presents that we will for sure be getting in our stockings this year. Because it is the same as every year.

Underwear and Socks!

And as dull and unexciting as that might be for most people, we all know we look forward to not having to go out to the store for one more necessity with our currently exhausted schedules.

Yet, there is one other gift that you are more than likely getting this year as well, and that is an Amazon Gift Card.

Because, why not, right?

If your family doesn't know what you want or what you could possible need this year, they know that you will be able to find something that you desire from good ole Amazon.

But before you go and waste it on batteries, toilet paper, or some inevitable boring gift for your kids, why not spend it on the gift that keeps on giving:


Most people will be thinking of ways to improve their thinking and their physical health for the new year, and what better way to improve how you think and feel than to invest in high quality fuel for your brain and soul or to simply follow the plan laid out by your Functional Medicine Practitioner!

Keep reading to see my healthy top ten ways to use your Amazon gift cards this Christmas.


1. Bulletproof Coffee and Kion Coffee:

Functional Medicine Kion

Most people drink coffee nowadays just to get their mornings started, but the majority of enthusiasts are still just drinking the same cup of Community Coffee or Mello Joy.


Why not venture out of your java cocoon and treat your taste buds to a different flavor and your brain to a different jolt? 

Bulletproof coffee and Kion are two of my favorite brands. Not because they are popular, but because they are among the healthiest options out there. And they are delicious. 

2. Qualia Mind:

Functional Medicine Qualia

Speaking of jolting your brain. If you are struggling with focus and are not interested in getting on stimulants just to be able to pay attention, then Qualia Mind may be a good option for you. 

Is it cheap? No. And for good reason.

The first time I took this stuff on an empty stomach (because you know, I'm clearly beyond reading and abiding by the instructions) I was a nauseated, and extremely wired mess.

Taking it as recommended can provide some fantastic clarity and focus with zero crashing though. 

So if you are looking to up your focus game... be my guest!

3. Natural Calm:

Functional Medicine Calm

For every one person that struggles to wind themselves up, there are inevitable a few that struggle to wind down. And the latter bunch make up the majority of my executive clients. 

When it is crunch time, you want your brain to roll fill steam ahead. The problem comes in when you lie in bed and you cannot stop thinking about the day or what problems lay ahead for tomorrow.

For these types of situations, I usually recommend Natural Calm in water before bed. Not only can it satisfy a sweet tooth, but it can usually help you drift off to sleep effortlessly.

And you exercise heavily as well, you are more than likely magnesium deficient, so this can help to fill that gap too.

4. Organifi

Functional Medicine Organifi

I am sure most of my Functional Medicine readers are familiar with "Juice Plus". And it was a great product because it was the first of its kind back in the 90's or whenever it became popular.

But, as with most great products, they get replicated and re-engineered at an exponential rate. And fortunately for us consumers, Organifi flipped the greens powder industry on its head. In my opinion, this is the best greens powder on the market right now in regards to not only ingredients, but also in regards to flavor. 

If you are looking to get in more anti-oxidants and polyphenols but can't sit around and eat 11 servings of vegetables and fruit all day, then invest in this product.

(Note: shown in the picture are all three of their products. You can only start with one as opposed to purchasing all three. The Red and Green juice are best in morning smoothies and the Gold is best for the evening before bed to help fight inflammation while you sleep.)

5. Just Thrive or G.I. Fortify:

Functional Medicine GI FortifyFunctional Medicine Thrive

While probiotics may be all the rage, what people should be focused on are two things:

  • Quality of the supplement that they choose
  • And how does it help with leaky gut or intestinal lining integrity?

One probiotic that is actually super high quality and doesn't need to be refrigerated is Just Thrive.

G.I. Fortify is another product that specifically works on the gut lining to heal the damage that our environment and quality of life does to our guts. 

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6. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega:

Functional Medicine Ultimate Omega

While we all may be full of Christmas spirit, there is one thing we are all extremely deficient in, and that is Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

The test results don't lie and I have read my share of them to know that most people have way too many omega 6 fatty acids and way too little omega 3's. 

The best way to increase Omega 3 levels is to take a Omega 3 supplement such as Nordic Naturals. Don't try and get the same levels with CVS or Walgreens brand fish oil. That is pretty much crap-ola oil in a capsule. 

A.K.A: it's garbage. Stick to the high quality stuff.


7. Vega Protein or Sun Warrior:

Functional Medicine Sunwarrior ProteinFunctional Medicine Vega Protein

If you are thinking about getting into the protein powder game and are looking for a high-quality brand that won't send you to the toilet every time you make a shake, then have I got a deal for you.

Vega and Sun Warrior are two great plant-based protein powders that get the job done in regards to recovery with no stomach upset in the process.

8. Vitamin C:

Functional Medicine Sufficient-C

"Yay! It's flu season..." said no one ever. But like it or not, you probably need to be prepared. One of the best brands of Vitamin C out there, because it is extremely absorbable and it tastes delicious... (seriously, just like lemonade) is Sufficient-C.

Don't let the witty name fool ya.

This stuff is legit for the immune system and the adrenals

9. Vitamin D:

Functional Medicine Thorne D-5000

As much as this song may be played out, there are many people who still don't heed the warning. Take Vitamin D people! Especially during the winter months without sun exposure. This is the cheapest wellness hack you can get. 

I personally like Thorne's Vitamin D pills or their Vitamin D/K2 drops.

10. Quicksilver Scientific 

Functional Medicine Quicksilver Scientific

This company is extremely meticulous with their science and their products. They create all of their formulas so that they can be absorbed to the fullest with little to no waste.

We could get super granular here with the science, but take my word for it, if I need a product that needs to be emulsified for absorption (such as with adaptogens or Glutathione) these are my go to supplements.)

What you see pictured is a sweet little stack for hangovers. And we all know that quite a few of you readers will be imbibing as you're forced to listen to your estranged family discuss their problems over the holidays!


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