Trick or Treat-ment

Tyler Lafleur


If you want to know the type of body and energy that you deserve, look at the one's you have.

It still surprises me.

Even for as long as I have witnessed the phenomenon, it still has me squinting my eyes and tilting my head as if I don't know what is about to occur.

You know the situation well, too.

You are at a party or gathering and you hear the faint description of someone's weight loss or successful health story.

It piques your interest and you see that others are amazed at the transformation that this person has encountered.

"Wow", you think.

"She is half of the person that she used to be! What is her secret?"

And then you hear someone else ask:

"OMG, what have you been doing?!"

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Everyone leans in a bit closer as the suspense rises and the girl unleashes her anticipated response:

"I just started exercising and eating better!"

Womp Womp...

Everyone at the party is just as bored with her response as you are reading this.

But that is the interesting part right?

We are so enamored with chasing unicorn supplements and quack-job diet protocols

That we are genuinely disinterested in someone overcoming themselves and their bad habits, while succeeding at and maintaining their weight loss.

Instead, we grumble and groan at the preconceived notion that you will never succeed at achieving your own goals.

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But here is the real secret that your friend...

Ole Wendy Weight loss, left out of her explanation:

She felt so much pain at the beginning of her journey,
she had no choice but to move forward with changing herself and her habits.

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Most people:

Fail or never take up their health crosses because the pain isn't great enough:

  • They don't dislike looking at themselves in the mirror all that much.

  • They are okay with feeling their stomach fold over their belt when sitting down in their jeans.

  • They have accepted the cellulite starting to accrue along their hamstrings.

  • Most men are at peace with their prepubescent female testosterone levels.

  • They prefer the subtle high that they elicit when eating donuts and pizza as opposed to the longterm life ahead of better nutritional choices.

  • For if they weren't, they would do something about it aside from complain, gripe, and moan to any ear that will listen to it.
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So, this holiday season, prior to showing up at Thanksgiving and Christmas to your cornucopia of Gluten, Dairy, and Sucros-tastic-laden dining tables, stop and think which you would prefer:

Real Habitual Treatment of your lifestyle and mental disease


Tricking yourself into believing the lies that you haven't stopped telling yourself about why you can't or won't achieve the body and energy you deserve.

If you want to know the type of body and energy that you deserve,
look at the one's you have.

After all, you've "earned" it!

So, why wait until Thanksgiving to make some changes.

Why not start next week?

Trick or Treat?

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