Top 6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Would Change My Health

Tyler Lafleur

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Do you've want to live a "healthy" lifestyle, but you are overwhelmed with all the latest "healthy" fads?

Do you often ask yourself:

"Where the hell do I to start? What the hell do I eat?"

Are you are frustrated with your battle with chronic illness, while your doctor continues to confirm "all signs are good"?

When it comes down to it, by following some simple rules and approaching health functionally in a step wise fashion, the following guidelines could perhaps serve your purpose better than what you are currently doing: 

1- Cut out the poisons

2- Don't diet only to "get skinny"

3- Get an annual comprehensive blood panel

4- Change your daily eating habits

5- Eat more veggies!

6- The Big Picture

As much as most of America would like for the “facts” about health to change or somehow for science to figure out easier ways of living a healthier and more vibrant life, sadly, not much has changed in regard to our human response to our crappy American lifestyle.

In fact, most people could remove the majority of their illness and chronic health woes by just partaking in a few habits and drawing much brighter boundaries around a few areas of their life.

But, what should I NOT do if I want to become healthy?

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1- Cut out the poisons

For me, that was alcohol. You don’t have to completely abstain, but decrease the frequency and see how much better you feel the following day.

Fried foods and toxic processed crap have no place in a high-performance diet.

The extra money you spend on high-quality organic foods is not sunken costs!
It is the absolute best ROI in regards to your well-being. 

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You can be no more healthy than your thoughts and your execution of them.

A funny thing happens when you don’t buy junk food….
You magically don’t seem to eat any or as much of it

2- Don't diet only to "get skinny"

You shouldn’t “diet” to get skinny.

You should be eating to feel FREAKING amazingThat’s goal number one! 

Every single human body is different.

There is no one-size-fits-all diet that works for all people!

Stop chasing that pipe dream!

3- Get an annual comprehensive blood panel

As I encourage all my Functional Medicine patients to do, you should be getting a comprehensive blood panel annually.

You can get ahead of most disease by running these tests once per year.

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4- Change your daily eating habits

Just like in business (and EVERYTHING for that matter) your principles and habits determine your fate.

Not your supplements, your bank account, and your social media following.

Your body regenerates its cells every 7 years.

What exactly are YOUR cells made of currently?
Speaking of investing….

Everyone should be eating an elimination diet.

If a food is known to affect your gut, mood, or energy, why the hell would you continue to eat it?

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Your environment and the people that you let into it dramatically affect your diet;
just like your network does your net worth.

5- Eat more veggies!

More veggies won't hurt your diet goals.

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6- The Big Picture

Food and sleep are the two main drivers in regards to improving your health.

Fitness comes after.

Eating crap and wasting time working out will result in just delayed fat accumulation.

Focusing just on calories is a fool’s game.  I know many fat and sick people that under eat.

No one supplement, I don’t care how heavily marketed it is, will cancel out poor sleep and a crappy diet.

Be very skeptical.

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