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Tyler Lafleur
If You Don't Have A Healthy Mind Or Healthy Habits, Dieting Is Useless.

Is this title surprising to anyone? I’m sure a few folks out there are..

Tyler Lafleur
5 Things Middle-Aged Men Need To Know About Their Health

As middle age men we all need to be concerned with our health. Here are just a..

Tyler Lafleur
Death To Dad Bod: 10 Steps To Getting Over The Hill, Sexier!

If you are reading this, then I probably do not need to explain to you what ..

Tyler Lafleur
The Top 4 Reasons That Most People Think Health Coaching Just Won't Work For Them.

It's not personal. I get it. Some people have certain perceptions and..

Tyler Lafleur
Why Most Practitioners Struggle To Solve Their Patients' Thyroid and Energy Issues...

This just in: Shocking news regarding conventional medicine's ineptitude to..

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