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Tyler Lafleur
HPHI's Latest Functional Medicine Podcast Episodes

In an effort to get the word out to those who feel like they have or want to..

Tyler Lafleur
CBD's Role In Recovery

From an all-around health perspective, sleep and adequate recovery are..

Tyler Lafleur
What Is CBD Best Used For?

With so many options on the market and so many different claims about CBD, how..

Tyler Lafleur
The Pillars Of Nutrition

If you are still trying to find the "perfect diet" that everyone should be..

Tyler Lafleur
A Healthy Form and Healthy Substance: Do You Have Both?
When looking to change or displace their poor habits, people will quickly turn..
Tyler Lafleur
HPHI Is Hiring!

Interested in not only learning more about health, functional medicine, and..

Tyler Lafleur
Is Gluten Really That Bad For My Health?

While one food group, macronutrient, or variable can rarely ever be singled out..

Tyler Lafleur
6 Popular Myths About Probiotics

Many newcomers to the health scene or those battling stomach troubles are quick..

Tyler Lafleur
Tired Of Googling Your Health Questions? Video Inside

Googling your health questions and symptoms sucks. There is a better way to get..

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