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Blaine LaFleur
What you NEED to know about Blood Pressure.

“Tale as old as time… True as it can be…”

Okay, I admit that this theme is..

Blaine LaFleur
5 Reasons Why Delegating and Procrastinating Your Health Will Fail You

Surprise, Surprise, people. We suck at taking care of ourselves.


Blaine LaFleur
Less Worse ≠ Healthy

I know what you are thinking: "What in the world is this cat doing?" It's..

Blaine LaFleur
NSAIDs: Not So Innocent

     If you have read any of the latest headlines in the medical space..

Blaine LaFleur
How to Live a High Performance Life: Fleurish to HPHI

Dear Readers,Due to the direction in which the company is being pulled, we..

Blaine LaFleur
Blaine LaFleur

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