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Male Case Study: Meet Chad

Often, we come across a confused potential client that is legitimately looking for a solution to their weight loss and energy problems. And Chad was no different.
You see, Chad was an avid runner. He liked to run because it was a form of meditation for him. It allowed him to shut off his mind through another avenue aside from drinking each and every afternoon. He also realized that he was a better dad, husband, and employee on the days that he was able to run.
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When he first started with us, he questioned whether he would have to give up everything he was currently doing, in order to start “our program.”
We briefly explained that we technically do not have a program. We meet clients where they currently are in regards to diet and exercise, then we recommend certain tweaks to THEIR regimen in order to move them closer to their intended goals.
As you can see in the commentary below, we gauge what they are currently doing, what they have tried in the past, and sprinkle in some ideas of our own.
Then, we assess the client’s progress, their questions, and their daily feedback on how they are feeling throughout the day.
Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 8.26.05 AM


But, there was something else that Chad understood. Chad knew from the start a couple of important pillars in regards to not only achieving his health and weight loss goals, but what was important for him to understand about MAINTAINING them after we were done working together:
  1. Weight loss is a gradual thing after the initial first few days of immediate water loss.
  2. He would have to understand why and when to make certain food and exercise choices if he actually wanted to live a healthy life and not be stuck to the same meals at the same time of day.
  3. He would have to ask questions. His coach doesn’t know what he doesn’t understand. Our goal is to ensure that you understand why we suggest what we do. Not just for our clients to be robots that are dependent on us.
  4. He would have to eat in accordance with his training. For his hard runs, he would have to eat for fuel. On his recovery or off days, he would eat for recovery.
Now, this seems extremely simple and fairytale-ish, right?
“Oh I just have to ask questions and do whatever I am told and I will lose weight and be successful? Cool, sign me up.”
In theory, yes. That is exactly how it works. You hire a health consultant to show you where your pain points are and take the advice that helps remove them.
But in reality, life and your daily routines are much more complicated to change and shift. With enough leverage and necessity, anything is possible to do faster, but most of the time, it will get uncomfortable to make changes to our deeply ingrained habits.
For Chad, this was doing something else besides just running and slogging away on the pavement for miles at a time. He knew he wasn’t comfortable doing it nor would it be “fun” at first, but guess what, he chose to get just a little bit uncomfortable and see what was possible:
Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 8.25.25 AM
So what was the result? How long did it take him to accomplish his goals. Well, instead of talking about it, we will just show you:
Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 8.20.18 AM
Not bad, right? But the real kicker: he has maintained every bit of it for over a year. Think about that. Fad diets do NOT lead to sustainable weight loss. And Chad still gets to drink some days of the week and always eats whatever he wants for one night each week.
He found what worked for HIM and created his own formula to do life, better and healthier.
Ready to find yours?
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"My go-to man on everything Health and more. Tyler is so full of wisdom and experience it was impossible for me not to trust him. After trying several weight loss and health supplement plans, Tyler’s coaching propelled me to my college weight and fitness goals. Thank you, Tyler!!"
Malcolm Brignac - Vistage CEO chair
“If there was such a thing as a health genius, this guy is brushing up right against it. If you want to know what habits you need to change in order to improve your health and your energy, this is the guy to work with.”
Scott Adams - Lead Pastor (Our Savior's Church)
“Tyler is a resource of incredible value towards my physical health. I have learned much more in the short time I have worked with him, than many years of “coaches” before. I highly recommend Tyler as a competent and skilled professional in the world of health, fitness and preventative medicine.”
Vince Hayward, CEO Camellia Brand Beans
“Tyler’s unconventional approach to mentoring has had a tremendous impact on my health and well-being. He has a superior grasp of health as it relates to the body, mind, and spirit. Tyler has helped me redefine what it truly means to be healthy. If learning excites you then allow yourself to be pulled towards great health!”
Carole Fisher, President and CEO - Nathan Adelson Hospice
I presented Tyler with a challenge and he returned that challenge. The outcome was simply amazing. He asked deep questions and offered ideas for consideration which really caused me to assess my decisions and the results of such approach are continuing to last. I wasn’t just focused on my nutrition and exercise but also on my mind because of realizing the imperativeness of proper rest and on my spirit because I was encouraged to have time for what I valued spiritually, which is worship and prayer.
Millicent Burke-Sinclair Ed.D, MBA, SPHR®, SHRM-SCP - Chief Executive Officer Four Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care​

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